About Us

The Origins of the Islander.

The Islander Hostel Brazil is an exciting new development steeped in history. It is a Hostel owned by the locals and run by experienced travellers. Originally a family home to husband and wife – Adailton & Valdeli, and their 2 sons – Andre & Dudu. Living right in the heart of Barra da Lagoa has brought them continual joy over the many years and now they want to open the doors and invite you to share in their love of Barra.

Adailton & Vadeli is a love story that keeps on giving. Starting her giving him a job in her Seafood Restaurant right up to them giving up their home to the public.

10728968_375847675911651_317164128_nAdailton is a long line of fisherman and fishing is in his blood and sometimes on his hands, as Valdeli likes to often quip. They have a successful business running a traditional sightseeing boat trip to Campeche Island, her smile being the catch and his fisherman stories the rod to reel in the tourists’ affections and often long lasting friendship. With her business skills and his physical attributes they are the brains and brawn of the operation. His ying to her yang, the perfect combination.

Opening their doors to the public was the next natural step for them. Akin to the beach they adore ‘Waves’ of nostalgia broke over them as they left their home to make way for the renovations and modifications needed to lay down the welcome mat to the travelers.

10728941_375847545911664_162396052_n-846x634Seeing the bigger picture, they want to embrace the influx of visitors and allow them to indulge in and experience the life they have led. The satisfaction of people visiting Florianopolis, leaving with a smile on their face and Barra in their hearts is a constant reminder that they made the right decision.