Welcome to the Islander, Welcome to Barra da Lagoa, Welcome to Florianopolis

The idyllic, scenic, carefree island in the South of Brazil. We are a locally owned hostel which provides us with the perfect base to give you the true, authentic experience of living on the island while mingling with the locals and getting to enjoy the tourist attractions.

What do you look for in your travel experience? Are you wanting to get in touch with locals and experience their culture but language and cultural barriers made that hard to accomplish? Well wonder no more, we throw in the local perspective along with the traveler’s experience.

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Our Hostel is Different

Owned by locals, the hostel is a renovated home. This allows us to offer the dual benefits of ‘home comforts’ mixed with a healthy dash of hostel amenities and fanfare. Set at the heart of the picturesque Barra de Lagoa, we are just a road crossing from the main bus stop and a pebble throw from the beach.